Ravitej Ravuri and I met as colleagues at the company. He used to work as a marketing officer, and I was an HR officer. Unfortunately, both of us left the company within 8 months.

In 2014, I directed a short film that I decided to show my friends and take their feedback as a video byte and upload it to Youtube.

Then I called Ravi and I met again. Again, our meetings have become more regular. At that point, he had a weight loss program and had lost 18 KGs within 15 days. So we were planning to shoot his weight loss program. In the video-making process, we also decided to continuously upload videos to Youtube focused on Day and NightLife in Hyderabad.

One day in the morning, we went to film the Airtel Marathon at Tankbund, Hyd. But by the time we reached the venue, the program was over. So,we were back disappointed. On our way home, we stopped at Nani Tiffins, Secunderabad, to have breakfast.

Immediately, the idea of making a food-informative video site, which was Ravi’s project in his London masters, struck his mind. And he said we were going to shoot a food video, I agreed.

We shot our first video, and it came out well after the editing. Then we were brainstorming to name our channel. Finally, we decided to call it’ Bite Street ‘. We released our first three videos with the same name. The program was an instant hit within our friends and few of them encouraged us to do more, and few of them criticized us.

Later we realised, with the same name already a Facebook page was available so we decided to change it to ‘Street Byte’ and it was liked by all. 

In three months, our show was so successful that we got a call from the famous News Channel. They asked us to collaborate with them as content writers, and in exchange they would broadcast StreetByte videos on the 11PM night show. We were happy to take up this challenge, but at that time we had no income for survival, so we politely declined their offer and continued to work.

Later, we partnered with SillyMonks, adding more elegance to the videos and enhancing the quality of our work. 

Even our idea, content was plagiarized by the popular Telugu TV channel, but later they stopped doing it. Since Passion was driving StreetByte, and Money was driving their program. Passion won the race at the front of the money.

This is the story behind StreetByte Journey, and the rest is history.