About Me

A Milk Packet delivery kid who failed on his twelfth and was on the way to find a job to help his family with the financial crisis.

Struggled with many obstacles, completed some computer training, joined with the help of his tutors at a small company. Then his boss from the same organisation became a mentor who guided him to complete his graduation.

With some savings and the support of his mother, his Masters were completed and he was once again in search of a new life and job in Hyderabad.

He waited more than 3 months for his first job to get a letter but he finally received a rejection from the company and it went on for three more months. Around 50 more interviews were attended, some companies rejected him and some offers were declined by him. Eventually, he had an offer, which was not his core topic, but he joined it because he did not have any money to survive in Hyderabad.

After working for 6 months, he is been offered in a super big company, he had the opportunity to work in his core subject and assumed that his job would change his life and future but that the so-called super big company did not pay the wages for months and his struggles persisted.

One pleasant day, the so-called “super big company” demanded him to leave because they could not pay his wages, refused to pay at least Rs. 1000/-for an 8-month job, he came out from the MD cabin and told all his friends and colleagues good -bye and left.

He received some money from his friend and went to his home village for the Pongal Festival, and that was his only festive time during which he didn’t step out of home, because he had no money and no courage to face the questions of families , friends and society.

With his mom’s blessings he started back to Hyderabad and had little hope for a career, this time he got a job and the company paid him too.

After almost two years ‘ work with the company He changed the job due to the company ‘s closure. He thought he would fight for a job after the company closed. However, this time, his destiny was already in place immediately. He joined the company and gladly continued his job for two years in the company.

It is very difficult to survive in Hyderabad alone with that salary, but his mother asked him to get married. Therefore, the hunt for job change began again. But finally with a better package he cracked it. He had been in that company for 4 successful years, but came out of the company to pursue his dream to become an author.


A Successful HR with over 12 Years of Experience.

A Co-Founder of StreetByte (YouTube Channel).

An Author of 2 Fiction and 1 Non Fiction Books.

A Director of 4 ShortFilms.

Part Time Actor,




Responsible Son, Happy Husband, Happy Father, AR Rahman Devotee and a Happy Human being. 

– Author Prasad R Battu