A Love Letter Which Remained Unanswered

“If that letter was replied on time, life would have been easier. But, it’s too late now to answer.”

I was angry with God for the first time, why was he doing this? Was he doing this because he has more powers than us? They were already given a lot of pain that they had already taken, and now had entered their last stage of life. They sacrificed their whole life for love, now that God is still punishing them, I felt sorry for them.

Who am I? Why did I find that letter? Out of so many people who had returned that purse previously, why only I was fascinated to know the story behind it? Why did we drive so long to get to know the story? Is he leading us from there to help them finally meet and end their story happily?

Hi! I am George, travel with me to learn the full story of an unanswered letter.