If a place shares, its feelings?

Hello People,

I’m a fantasy of a lot of people, every bachelor wants to meet me with friends before they get married.

The whole plan to visit me will start every time they drink, and no one will talk about it the next morning. I don’t know why they remind me when they’re on alcohol?

Oh.. I got it now, at my place, no one worries about alcohol because it’s cheaper than your area, and no limits, you can have how much you want to buy, no one is going to ask you a single question, and what you spend is peanuts. But you get a lot to drink with those peanuts.

Every idiot who talks a lot about the plan is the first person to skip it. He gets a family function out of the blue moon, or an impromptu meeting, or a sudden illness.

I feel sorry for the guys who are dreaming about me and unable to reach me for many reasons.

Guys, in particular, visit me for only drinking, no doubt about that. Who travels too long to watch only the beaches? They will not enjoy nature because it gives relaxation and wellbeing. Yet love to drink a beer that can hurt your liver.

They want to take a full bag of drinks to their house, Because it’s cheaper, but the cops won’t allow more than a limit. If they still want to take them, they’ll have to pay the extra tax that’s going to be the same expense as to your place.  

Most of the people will plan to come to me in December, as many foreign chicks will come and show off their skin wearing bikinis and two pieces.

At the time of the plan, one says we are going to travel in the train, another says flight and some other self-driving, but Son, you’re not going to step out of your home, but you are choosing travel mode. Have you searched for your wallet at any time? What’s the balance you’ve got in that?

And once you get out of alcohol, you won’t remember what you were thinking about that night, either. This won’t happen every time I wait for you. I’m sure you’re not so lucky to see me, you’re better off shutting your ass and better concentrating on drinking whatever you’re going to get there without wasting time on me.

You must have got me by this time, yes, you’re right. I am your fantasy, your crush, GOA.