Night Shift Problems


Morning Doorbell

Bro, wake up, your destination is here, the Cab driver shouted

Suddenly, I got up from my early morning sleep. I thanked my cab driver and said goodbye to my cab mates and walked into my apartment.

I rang the bell with tiredness, no response from the other side. They must have been drinking all night, and now they’re sleeping, they’re not responding to the doorbell. My eyes are burning, and there’s no energy to stand.

I tried it again a few times, but no use of it. I took out my phone and called one of my roommates to open the door.

Hello… Macha, Where are you now? Why did you call me this morning, he said.

You, Idiot… Come out of intoxication, I’m still staying in this room, why did you drink so much to forget that I was coming in the morning? Come and open the door, I screamed out with frustration.

Arey… Macha, Is that you, huh? I figured someone else, wait I am coming, he said.

It’s my daily task to get into my room after a hectic night shift.

Boozing Plans

These Day Shift Idiots are hoping to drink parties on weekdays at night, and every time I stay at home on weekends, they’re always going away with the girlfriends.

Buddy, why don’t you have a 90ML and go to the office? A stupid friend offered me while I am leaving for the office.

Were you in your senses? I’m not going to a party guy, I’m going to work in the office, and that’s my bread and my butter. Do you want me to get thrown out of the office or something? I was asking with a surprise.

No, Buddy…Whenever we’re having a party, you’re not participating, so you just asked. He responded.

I’m not that lucky Bro, You, morning shift guys can have all the stuff as usual, but in our case, it’s totally reversed, all right, leave it. You guys enjoy it. My cab is here, I need to leave now. I said and stepped out.

Customer Care Calls

With these sales calls, we’re the most upset guys on earth. We do a lot of hard work all night without disturbing anyone, but we get disturbances in all possible ways. We will think of throwing away our mobile sometimes, but we won’t do that after we consider buying a new phone and charging EMI’s.

Even DND won’t stop these calls because they use different mobile numbers every time.

Dear Sales Calling Guys, asking all of you to please consider our Night Shift Guys request and stop calling us. If we need any loan, insurance or DTH connection, we just call you personally, please let us sleep peacefully, again in the evening we have to attend to our duties.

No Food to Eat in the Lunch

We prepare dinner for ourselves and our roommates every night while we go to the office, but these fool guys won’t cook anything for us for lunch in the morning.

If we do not fall asleep in the cab when we return in the morning, we pick some breakfast, if we fall asleep then no breakfast for the day.

Yet Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats are also unable to provide us with lunch, because it will be snack time by the time we get up for food and they will end lunch delivery.

So, Roommates, Please prepare some meals for your friends who do night shifts. Their working conditions are to be respected.

Weekend Plans

Weekend starts for all IT guys on Friday night, but for us, it starts on Saturday night. They will plan a weekend starts from Saturday morning, but how can we join them without sleeping?

We tell them to do it on Sunday, but they deny it because they needed a rest. So many plans we miss and end our weekends sleeping in the room and cleaning room for them.

Sales Boys

we can’t express our frustration at the doorbell ring as we sleep in the morning. At least two or three people come and ring a bell to sell their open plots on the outskirts.

These Power Bill Guy, Paper Bill Guy, Milk Packet Guy, there are so many of them here to disturb us on a daily basis.

Govt Job Preparation Friend

There’s a guy in every bachelor’s room who’s studying for the government exams, who never leaves the room and keeps disrupting our sleep by switching on the light, opening the door and talking over the phone.

Dude, there’s a name called Library that’s specially designed for you, please go and study for your test, which won’t disturb our sleep.

Surya Bhai, Long Back we have seen him

Throughout our life, we meet Surya Bhai very rarely, have you been confused? Surya Bhai, i.e. our dearest Sun, by the time we walked into the house, he won’t log in and the night before we leave, he logs out of his duty. So we won’t meet him. We meet him on weekends, if possible, but that’s not guaranteed either.

Girlfriends and Marriage 

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Who will Love a Night shift guy?