We Don’t Care the Ambulance Siren

Breathing Heavily. Heart Beating double than the regular speed. He doesn’t know whether he will reach his destination on time or not. If he reaches, he can survive, if not he misses his life because he is traveling in the ambulance and we the society won’t allow an ambulance to go forward.

Yes. We don’t care about the ambulance siren, because we are busy people.

We are busy people who park a vehicle on half of the road and won’t allow the other vehicles to move forward or to take aside.

We are busy people who talk over the phone while driving and ignores the ambulance siren.

We are busy people who are rushing to take a U-Turn by obstructing the way of ambulance.

We are busy people who are driving vehicles in the opposite direction or the wrong way.

We are busy people who disrespect the ambulance and crossing the road.

We are busy people who are chasing the ambulance and creating more tension to the Driver and Patient.

Ok, agree..!! We are busy, we have to reach office early, we have to reach home early, we should not miss the movie and we have to see a girlfriend soon. Think if you were late for 10 minutes, it doesn’t change your life, but the guy who is traveling in the ambulance should reach on time otherwise he will lose his life.  “Your ignorance cost one person life”.

Can you do the same, If your family member is in the ambulance? Why this discrimination? For our family members, we shout, scream, ask for our rights and speak rules, but for another guy, we don’t show any respect. Is this our responsibility? Is this what we learned from our education? Is this called humanity?

If any issue comes to us then only we realize, otherwise we ignore everything. Before questioning our rights, we have to check our self whether we are respecting & following the given rights correctly or not?

“If you are expecting changes in the society, then the change should start with you and within you”