All craze of smartphones started with Nokia 6600.

Having a smartphone in 2006 was a proud movement, that too at that time one can’t afford that cost. Moreover, we didn’t have EMI facilities to buy any gadget. I was super famous in my group of friends to have a NOKIA 6600, the most loved phone which is produced by NOKIA after successful 3310, 1100 models. The price of the phone was 23000/- Approx. And genuinely I purchased the phone in second hands by paying 16000/- liquid cash, seriously :P.

It was not so easy to get any second hands in rural areas, we have to travel to nearby cities to buy that. I was not a tech-savvy, poor in mobile technology, so whatever the salesperson tells we used to believe and buy those days. One of my friendS travelled to Jagadeesh Market, Hyderabad to get me that phone, but the sales guy was good and sold us the BEST product.

For the first time when I saw the phone, it was a wow factor and dream come true. What a mix of colours, quality of buttons and Screen. Those days having a regular phone with the speaker was a great thing. Holding a huge phone which has a colour screen, where we can keep our own pic as screen display pic, we can hear songs, watch videos, insert the memory card, download songs, play games, keep different ringtones, VGA camera and many more are an X-Factor. If you give a pack of Biryani to the regular Chapati eater how he will feel, he will get confused and with the biryani taste, he will be happy right? In the same way, I got confused with the technology and started knowing more about the phone.

It had Bluetooth and infrared transfer facility. Those days Bluetooth was a new technology and many phone’s doesn’t have that so, we used to transfer the files with infrared, which many of from new generation doesn’t know about it and we 90’s feel proud about it.

It used to work with the Symbian operating system which everyone loved it at that time. To download different ringtones, wallpapers, mobile themes we had Zedge, mobiles24, Mobile9 websites, which were most browsed those days. I used to change ringtones every day. One of my favourite ringtones was “Papi Papi, Papi Chulo”.

I can proudly say that we were very happy with the GPRS internet speed those days. We used to download the songs and movies with 20KBPS speed. That was better than all 3G, 4G internet speeds, which are available in the market these days.

To add to this, having a Bluetooth was a special attraction those days, but I didn’t have any budget left over to buy that. :'(.

I proudly say today that, I enjoyed the era of NOKIA. I have grown up using NOKIA products, which quality products and customer support. Till today I can see a few people are using older model NOKIA phone’s and surprisingly those phones are working fine, without any issue.

I am expecting again NOKIA should release older model phones with the new technology and OS. Definitely, many people will go crazy. Now many kids don’t know about Nokia and its variety of mobile phones.

-PROUD NOKIA 6600 USER. (NOKIA Connecting People)