I too Participated in My School Singing Competition

Even now I still have a picture of that movement in my memories.

When I was going on to the stage, everyone was clapping and cheering for me, I was so confident because I practiced for days continuously and performed in front of my friends and teachers at a rehearsal session.

Surprisingly, I was very good at rehearsal’s, believe me. The hype created by your idiot friends is taking you to the next level, how bad you sing, but they will compare you with the best singers and that age is so innocent that we believe in all those.

And finally, that movement has come to face the huge gathering of different class students. When I turned to them, I don’t know why, but unintentionally I was starting shivering, we call it “STAGE FEAR” now I got to know, YEAH 😛 .

Till the time I didn’t face the gathering I was so confident that, I will definitely win the competition, but now I don’t think so I could sing a single line. And one of my fellow classmates was shouted at me ‘Rey Macha..! Show your full power Ra’. I was like, what? Full power, but from where will it come?.

Then I have started singing and everyone was cheering on the ground. I really don’t know how did I complete the whole song and came down off the stage, but those 5 to 7 minutes were the super tensed movements of my life, Finally, I could able to complete the song.

I didn’t win any prize but I won my friends’ hearts, and at that age, I was a celebrity. (Only I know that I was literally shivering from inside 😥 )

After all this, I never again tried to sing a song because I know that was not my glass of wine. Even after this, if I had started singing, I would have been beaten by many people 😛 , so whatever the step I have taken was right and now I am able to share my experience with you all.

If you are 90’s kid you must have experienced this in your schooldays were on the occasion of Independence Day or Republic Day, you or any of your classmates must have participated and the same might have experienced to you or your friend which is being a secret till today. Now it’s time to sharing these kinds of funny movements of our school life with our mates.

What is stopping you? Go and share your funny stories with the world.

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