A Day in Employee’s Life


An Employee will see all the hurdles in his one day life, from snoozing alarm to set up an alarm back.

Even it’s snoozes for several times he won’t able to get up and the bed also gives comfort in the mornings, where at nights surprisingly it won’t.

After so much struggle, he gets up and starts brushing, no water in the tap because by the time he gets up whole society will empty the tank and he uses the mineral water bottle in his bath. 

Now wardrobe will give a next-level experience to him, no matching shirt to the trouser, even its matched also it’s not ironed, he thinks of ironing in the evening after coming back from office, but he makes his mind for next day morning to get up early and press the shirt, which is never happening.

I don’t know why clock runs 30 seconds per minute in the mornings, but in the evenings at the office its in reverse, it runs 120 seconds per minute. 

After ironing the shirt, he won’t be left with any time to have his breakfast so maximum people will skip it and start to office, where here he enjoys the 2 hours super sound polluted, air polluted traffic. It’s like a war every day on the road, no one knows from where which vehicle comes and how the other guy drives.

After all the struggles once reached office, in the office the biometric device also does not capture his face because of pollution. Meantime, it captures, that’s already late in the day and he has to go through a round of class with his superior. 

He skipped his breakfast, but his stomach doesn’t know and understands the office timings right, it only understands its timing of when it should be filled and all, so started scolding him “Rey Idiot..! If you wake up on time, I would be happy by this time. You are not feeding me and see now gas is forming in me, which is hurting. If I release it out, in this closed area everyone will die. Maintain the timings and save me and your colleagues” :P. 

Instead of having breakfast, he has coffee because he can’t go outside of the office to have it, he has some pending work off before the day which he left it to complete it in the morning by coming early. 😉 It never happens. 😛

During the lunch, he satisfies his stomach with Best Biryani, because Biryani is the only option to satisfy. So now with no complaints from his tummy. Its’ happy :).

Tea breaks, Smoke breaks, Call to girlfriend and some client meetings. By 6PM again starts waiting for the clock to complete the hardest 60 minutes. 

Once office completes again, he starts back home by facing different people, unimaginable drivers on the road for 2 hours and reaches home back.

Last knight vessels will welcome him with the horrible smell into the home, now he has some options, one he has to clean those and cook or he has his Bramhastra Online order (Swiggy, Uber Eats, Zomato or Food Panda).

Start watching a single episode of web series and end up with completing the series by the time clock shows 3 AM in the morning and then he sets the alarm for 6AM, 6.15AM, 6.25 AM, and 6.30 AM. But as usual, he wakes up by 9 AM only after several snoozes.

Again the same game starts… Start reading from first.

So it’s a cyclic process… Everyone must have faced or faced the same situation.