An Average College Boy’s Love Journey

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No, once upon a time, No sudden incidence, It’s just a start when does actually a boy starts liking girl, infant age? Teenage? College life? Work-Life?. Any stage of life where need, necessity, arises when one thinks to be paired or happens. As everyone terms love..

Rohit BCA completed, somehow completed not in prescribed tenure but one year extra. Well, now back to track as Rohit cleared competitive exam by mistake, which induced him to join the MCA. He was different from others, who live life with hope and time. As let the time do the best and hope for the better.

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Being a boy from advance India he was aware of every technology as the Facebook profile was like moreover a PanCard or RationCard ;)…
not wasting time in strong intro 😛
College Days
Wonderful atmosphere with beautiful chicks around, at least a place in India where opposite gender doesn’t have any barrier to speak ;)… And the place where usually hearts-u get closed. Irrespective of professor teaching in the classroom. Why College becomes the first love? Well yes, this is India where one hides his/her insecure feeling in the name of culture, Am not being a critic here but this is the story everywhere. Where you see girl hesitates to shake hands directly with boy say it’s not our culture *Respect*. But college gives them the opportunity to meet and greet ;).
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Rohit’s Entry wasn’t like any Bollywood or Tollywood hero in college, at the very first he was unnoticed by everyone. But don’t want to waste time as it was too late to get in relation, filter, speak greet and meet.
This is a postgraduate class Rohit had to be perfect in choosing a perfect girl, as there are chances of getting in the wrong boat. Rohit was an average guy who doesn’t attract any being that was the reason was still untouched by any girl… but good in conduct discipline which may attract the only professors.
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It’s been a week of college introduction part is over, professors are allocated to their respective subjects, classes are commencing regularly, some started mingling with each other till now they are aware of everyone’s region religion caste city-state. Rohit took his time to select an appropriate girl.
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Meanwhile, he has made friends Abhijit who is more interactive with everyone including girls. By the time Rohit could choose anyone Abhijit helped him to interact with one girl Neha who was synonyms to Rohit in shyness.

Relationship Status!!!…  To be continued,