How ‘Reviews’ killing movie’s sustainability

“REVIEW” is a very important topic for many critics and news studios to make some fame, name, and money out of it. In the same way, if common people started reviewing these so-called reviewers and news channels, no one will get a single star for the services they are performing.

To review something, one should have thorough knowledge about that particular subject, but these days few so-called reviewers even don’t know the proper meaning of ‘review’.

I can understand, the taste and choices of every individual are differs, but we can’t teach the director how to make movies by paying just Rs. 150/-.

Every person will see one aspect in different ways, the director must have thought of something else which is been not liked by few, that doesn’t mean it’s good or bad, it again differs from person to person how he sees it.

The review should be stick to the individual and it should be liking the film or not, that’s it. One should not summarise the whole thing and explaining a point, as if the reviewer received many Oscar Awards for making films.

When Bahubali 2 released, I put a post on my Facebook wall saying “We don’t know how to make even a short film, but we will dig for a mistake in Bahubali” and I got a reply from one of my friends is “To have food, one should know how to eat, he shouldn’t require to know how to prepare it”.

Yes! Exactly. To have food you should know how to eat, no need to know how to prepare it. If you don’t like it don’t eat it, but you can’t decide what dish to how it should be tasted, because you don’t know the exact taste of the dish. Only one person knows the exact taste of the dish, he/she is the maker, and he/she know what to add and when to add the ingredients to make it perfect.

So, every moviemaker knows about their strength and they try to make the best movie if they don’t like it, why do they make it? But liking it or not is a very personal thing and you can’t judge anything which you can’t make it.

Even god makes mistakes sometimes, and we are human beings, we tend to make those mistakes.

Expressing feelings is a birthright of every human being, but if the feeling is about others’ work, better learn how to communicate it.

Understood one thing that, however, the movie is but one bad review and that review spread through word of mouth will kill its sustainability and chances of success. And bad things will spread faster than good things. Shame on you bloody reviewers for giving such bad ratings to the film and killing it before it reaching more people.

Many stupid people all around who direct our minds indirect by writing all stupid reviews. Please ignore all those and go watch by yourself and believe.

I am one of the victims of these fake reviews and missed many beautiful films in theatres. I am pledging to not to read any reviews in the future,  I watch and I believe.

If I get an even 0.0 rating also for this blog, I am very happy that someone wasted their 2 minutes here to rate me. Better concentrate on other things than judging someone.