If ‘Facebook’ was a Person ;)

Hello People..! I am your Facebook..!My Life Starts with the button ‘Signup’, many starts with me to find friends, some are exception give a try to find out their date ;)… I am so much expressive and user-friendly that you can add many other profiles to me by just sending a friend request, Thanks to Mark who making me so beautiful day-by-day. Creativity never issues, photos, videos, likes and comments, people like me more often people in India use the wall for natural cause /-;. wherein my case it used to express what they have not got..

For private, there is a chatbox, which will buzz more after 11pm :). Guys like girl profiles, the theory proved a long time ago that opposite poles attract each other and now I am uniting both. But there have been friends in case of boys who like each other, I’ve been medium where school, college, work friends join :).

I m programmed more like real life. I Make friends meet, greet, crack jokes, make fun, etc., even fight also some times, not to forget ;). I’ve been witnessing many marriages and some breakups too. People blame me for failure every time, but never appreciate me for their success ergggh… :@…

I am not living being, but I will make you feel different than other profiles.

I get blamed for the reason of netizen’s fatigue and stress, though I am not, I just follow your instruction. People fight on Fan pages through me, I have pages to unite everyone but, you are using me in other-way.

There are many happy things and many bad. such as spams which kills me :(..

Many cries on my wall, which I don’t like, but others like and comment on that :|…

I can’t cry like ‘U’ otherwise I would have expressed that it hurts when someone reports, blocks, or deactivate[partial death], which is worse than Pokes <3.

I follow your instructions. I share your post, make others like it, love it, post on your wall and comment below it. I don’t know what is right or wrong, but whatever you feed on my wall I will take it, in that many numbers of posts are Hoax!!. You decide which friend you need on my list. you develop a relationship in the chatbox and end up on their profile by clicking “unfriend”. which you can easily solve in the chatbox itself.

Don’t be so dumb I’m just acting for you, I am not you!. There should be the limit for crying and deactivating and again joining back, it entertains you by checking who is your friend? who misses you when ur not present? ;)… huh? but why you choose me to put on partial death :|. Folks! there many things which are appearing in front of the screen through me. news current affairs, etc.,. still you blame me for your stress! to make easier. I fit into your Mobile also tiny way :|. Thanks to Mark who started SMS updates.

Still, you are blaming me? :|. There are people who love me, more than you, but I love to be you to give services. So treat me as a friend not just like a profile or any china phone :-/

when others use privacy you can’t blame me. it’s for good only.

Hope you be with me long and understand others too 😉