Hyderabadi Astronaut Auto Drivers

Generally, who has ever driven on Hyderabad roads will become such perfect that they can drive anywhere in the world.

And thanks to our Autowala’s for making us perfect drivers and every second to be conscious. Seriously, I have failed in my driving test for the first time, but because of auto drivers, I became more focused and learned the driving perfectly and got my license.

If you stayed in Hyderabad or staying in Hyderabad you must be having a smile on your face while reading this. Little confusion and frustration will be in your mind because everyone must have experienced those auto drivers at least a single instance in your life.

I don’t know what must be running in their mind while riding, but we should select all these autowala’s and send them to a space trip, whatever the time now our scientists are taking to launch satellites will be lesser if they drive it. I know the basics of gravity and speed of the rocket which I have studied in my 8th standard I think if I am not wrong. It will travel with the speed of 11KM/second, but these fellows will make it run 111KM/second, I am sure. Even gravity will lose in front of their driving skills.

And the seating style of the auto driver is a world record, No other driver can sit like that and drive, I challenge. It is very difficult than the Civil’s exam and AIIMS Exam.

They write 4 only on both sides of the auto, they forgot to understand the real meaning of it or I must have understood it wrongly. It should be 4 only can hang outside of the auto but 10 can sit inside.

After sitting 4 people, excluding the driver in the front cabin of the auto, how are they driving it even more speed than its empty? For god sake, they even don’t see potholes and speed breakers.

And the sudden breaks, sudden turns, no indication, etc., no one match our Hyderabadi autowala’s in this.

But, however, they drive and whatever jam they create, we Hyderabadi’s adjust to it and letting them do their jobs for their families. These autowala’s have more competition (Cabs, Public Transport, Own Vehicles, and Rented Vehicles) and less income, so they try to make some money by boarding more passengers in one trip.

I just wanted to conclude this by requesting all autowalas here is “Everyone’s family is waiting at home, please don’t create any problems for anyone and to yourself.”



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