How a New Year Resolutions affect’s GYM Revenue?

Yesterday night at New Year’s eve, I asked my fellow flatmates about the new year resolution. Many of them said, they have joined the GYM and paid a one-year subscription also.

I was like, Seriously?

They were too confident that they will go regularly and make the perfect shape of the body as if they are going to sign any movie.

With this incident, I remembered one thing which was happened to me back in 2006, which means more than a decade ago, LOL.

at that time I was fully conscious about my health and fitness (to attract girls 😉 ), so I went to nearby GYM and paid 3 months subscription and joined. The guy who collected my fee introduced the trainer to me.

Trainer asked me to do 20 push-ups on my first day as a warm-up exercise, I completed and went to him back asked him to give some other items, so that I can make my physic sexy immediately.

He said you have to continue the same for at least a week then I will tell you other things to do. I was like what? a week? but everyone is lifting big weights and for me push-ups, but why? I didn’t understand. Again I have done one more set of push-ups and left home.

And next day morning I was surprised totally, I couldn’t able to believe seriously, total my body language was changed, walking style was changed and everyone on the road started staring at me, hehe don’t take me wrong nothing was changed due to body pains my hands were unable to move so obviously above said things will happen.

With that pain only that day evening I went to the GYM and again trainer asked me to repeat the same, I said what? because of yesterday’s thing I couldn’t able to move my hands, today it is impossible to do even 2 push-ups, I said.

But he insisted me to do 20 push-ups and the pain doubled, I was totally exhausted and sat at the corner, suddenly he came and asked me to do pull-ups by showing a rod in the next corner, I was so excited and with full of energy I just ran to it and started doing pull-ups. and the sad truth is I couldn’t able to complete 2 full pull-ups and in my mind push-ups were somewhat better from this.

I came back to the trainer and said I can’t do 20 pull-ups, he said “NO”, you have to do this now, Shouted on me.

I Said boss, my hands are paining and I am unable to do it, please consider my request. Now again he shouted and asked me to do, without accepting my request.

Now I got angry and in reverse, I started shouting at him, Boss, I paid your fees for this moreover this is my bloody body which is paining. you cant shout on me OK, I said.

He replied, you must have paid the fee but this is my responsibility to train all people who come to the GYM, At the end of the day if you won’t get good physic you blame us only, so whatever is instructed please follow.

With this pain I can’t continue to give my money back, I don’t want any GYM, I said.

He laughed and showed me the wall where it was written “Once paid fee can’t be returned, Better you follow instructor rules”. from next day I quit GYM and I attended for 2 days but paid 3 months subscription.

This is the one side of the story but when the new year comes then many people will become health conscious and pays 1-year subscriptions where GYM management also gives bumper offers and motivate us to pay full.

A simple calculation I explain here with my genius brain :

If we go for a one-month subscription it will cost us 3500 to 4000 on average GYM. but their offer would be 10000 per 12 months i.e. 10000/12 = 833.33 / Month which means we save 2600 to 3200 per month. We will rush and pay the full amount and join but 95% of people will fall under the above category which is been explained clearly and they pay 10000 per 2 days, and they never see the GYM again. Remain 5 percentage also only a few will continue further.

So, our New Year Resolution of joining GYM is helping GYM management’s revenue growth.

How many of you a victim of the same?