My Writings

Inspired by ‘How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co – founded a Million Dollar Company’ from Mr. Varun Agarwal. I wanted to do something different with that drive that I had never done before. And I decided to write a book with little manuscript knowledge.

I started writing a book in 2016 which was very swift until December 16, but then held away for months for certain family reasons. I started writing it once all things had settled. I was able to fill out nearly 70% of the manuscript in my second schedule. Nevertheless, this time, the reason for this was different but again, I took a break to compose and the reason is the lack of creativity in writing.

Before I published the first book, I read a few articles about hurdles in completing a book. A lot of authors have stopped writing their first book, and finished the second book first. But I wanted to finish and publish it in 3 months. I was initially so quick to write with this slogan, but also added my name to a list of the authors who had a break to finish the first novel.

Yet in January 2020, I was successful in completing my first novel, ‘Love Can Happen Multiple Times,’ which was loved by a lot of young stars and earned me a 4.9 rating.

And Now, my second book ‘A Love Letter Which Remained Unanswered,’ available on Amazon and Flipkart.

‘Love Can Happen Multiple Times,  ‘A Love Letter Which Remained Unanswered,’ and ‘The Most Underrated Department Human Resource,’ are my works till date.